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Emergency Dentistry In Diamondbar, CA

If you experience a dental emergency, you must seek care as soon as possible. This is key to keeping your smile in the best shape and eliminating any pain or discomfort resulting from the oral injury. California Dentistry and Braces provides emergency dental services to fix any of the following issues:

Infected Teeth  - A root canal can become the only option to save your teeth and relieve your pain, when the nerves and tissue inside the teeth have been harmed by bacteria. To prevent tooth extraction and preserve your oral health we do emergency root canals.

Dental Pain – With our emergency dental services, you don’t have to suffer with a tooth ache or damaged and broken teeth. In the event of severe dental pain, we provide same-day care, which can include applying antibiotics before treatment to reduce discomfort. Typical causes of tooth pain include complex periodontal problems and dental infection, which are treatable with deep cleanings and root canals.  For severe pain, or teeth that cannot be preserved, we can also perform same-day tooth extractions.

Injuries and Accidents – Something as simple as biting into a crunchy piece of food can chip or crack a tooth, but more serious accidents can cause dental injury as well, such as slips and falls which break teeth or knock out a tooth entirely. Our emergency dental office can restore teeth with dental crowns or replace teeth with bridges or dental implants. Our practice is directly across the street from an urgent care office – if you get injured at work or during sporting activity, you can come right over to our dental office after your urgent care treatment to get your smile fixed.

Our office provides same-day appointments for dental emergencies for any patient in need of care, not just for patients of-record. The California Dentistry and Braces team help patients with damaged teeth or dental injuries access immediate treatment.

Emergency Dental Treatment for Periodontal Problems

For many patients with bothersome or infected teeth, unhealthy gum tissue is the root cause of their dental emergency. While gum disease may not seem like an emergency scenario, restoring soft tissue health plays a significant role in making sure that your teeth are strong and functional. California Dentistry and Braces treats emergency periodontal problems with antibiotics to control infection, pain medication to soothe dental discomfort, and periodontal cleanings to reduce signs of gum disease.

Contact our Diamondbar Emergency Dentist for Same-Day Treatment

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, please call our office immediately to get the treatment you need as soon as possible.

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